Q: Do you rent to the general public?
A: No, our inventory is only available for rental to film and television productions and commercials.

Q: Can I buy your props?
A: Our props are solely for rent.

Q: Do you rent by the day?
A: Our rates are all based on a weekly rental – we do not offer any daily rates. We do long term “show rentals” as well.

Q: Do you deliver?
A: We do, as available for an additional charge. We can work with your courier as needed for a small additional charge. GTA last minute deliveries may be available for additional charges.

Q: Are all of your props online?
A: 100% of our eyeglasses and watches are online. Whatever is not online can be viewed in person. Come visit us!

Q: Do I need an appointment?
A: Yes an appointment is necessary. Call or email in the contact tab.

Q: I can’t make it into the shop. Can you pull items for me?
A: We can pull a selection of props for you to choose from, just forward your order and/or images.

Q: What happens if something gets broken or goes missing?
A: The renter assumes full responsibility for lost or damaged goods and must pay for the repairs or the replacement value as assessed by The PREP DEPT. Assessed replacement values are on the Prop Order List form and/or on the rental contract and invoice. Replacement and damage value is above rental fees paid.

Q: What about lost bins, jeweler trays and watch cases that rentals ship/travel in?
A: Unreturned they will be charged at $15, $10, $40 respectively.

Q: Can I paint or modify the props?
A: No! Not unless given explicit permission in writing from The PREP DEPT.